If your subscription is about to expire (or expired recently) we can imagine you would like to extend or renew your subscription. You also might want to switch to another plan.

We made this as easy as possible for you so you don’t need to change anything on your side. Below we explain what you should do in your particular case;

1) Extend a m3u (standard) subscription
2) Extend a MAG subscription
3) Change to another plan
4) Extend Cloud TV Editor subsription

Before you begin: understand what you have (current)

Make sure you know what subscription you have, you can check your old orders (you need to be logged in) here: https://franqie.com/my-account/orders/

Here you see your old orders (see below example)

If you want to see the content of your old (expiring) order, click on VIEW, you get the following screen

This is what you need to know about your subscription:

  1. Product: shows what kind of subscription you have. Make sure that, if you want to keep your existing subscription, you choose the same product
  2. Order Again: you can use this button to order the same product again, so, if you had 1 month subscription of a service, pushing “Order Again” will order again a 1 month subscription of the same service
  3. Device: for which device this subscription is active
  4. For MAG and compatible devices: MAC Address
  5. m3u link (default): holds the m3u link, if you have chosen standard m3u subscription – or – the MAG portal address if you have a MAG (or compatible) subscription
  6. Subscription end Date: the end date of the subscription of this order (in the format YEAR / MONTH / DATE)
  7. MAG portal address: the MAG portal address if you have a MAG (or compatible) subscription


Extend a m3u (standard) subscription

  • Go to https://franqie.com/cloud-tv-subscriptions/ and first select period you want to extend and then click on the product you want to purchase
  • The codes (m3u links and MAG portal addresses) stay the same so you dont need to do anything on your side,