Do you have a list of all channels available?

You can take a look on the following website where a list is published; https://pastebin.com/ydt70ztD (Cloud TV) or https://pastebin.com/6eNC6YY2 (Cloud TV Premium). Franqie does not maintain such lists but the ones in this example should give you an impression of what is available. Best way to test if the service is what you need is to test it yourself and request a free trial.

How can I retrieve my username and Password from an m3u link/url?

If you, for whatever reason (example, for kodi EPG) need to retrieve your username and password from an m3u link/url, here is a small image explaining how;


 Pick the Right Kodi Box (updated April 2017)

A great guide of the Kodi Forum on the selection of the right gear: